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Uses of Hodgdon Powder

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Uses of Hodgdon Powder

Uses of Hodgdon Powder, Hodgdon Powder is the perfect partner for all your reloading needs. Whether you’re a hunter, a competitive shooter, or a target shooter, Hodgdon powder can help you get the job done. With Hodgdon Powder, you can rest assured that you have the right powder combination for your ammunition. It offers a variety of reloading powders to meet all sorts of reloading needs.

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Here are some common uses for Hodgdon Powder

Reloading rifle rounds: Hodgdon has various powders that are perfect for centerfire rifle ammunition. The most popular powder for modern rifle calibers is VARGET, which is great for precision long-range shooting and hunting.

Reloading pistol rounds: For light and medium pistol cartridges, HODGDON UNIVERSAL CLAYS & TITEGROUP are two great options. Both offer excellent accuracy and clean burning characteristics.

Reloading shotshells: For shotshells, Hodgdon produces many of its well-known powders like CLAYS and TITEGROUP in magnum versions specifically designed to make loading shells easier while offering reliable performance.

No matter what kind of ammunition you’re looking to reload, Hodgdon’s selection of quality powders ensures that you’ll have the right one for the job.

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