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Guide to Choosing the Right Powder for You

Choosing Right Powder

Guide to Choosing the Right Powder for You

Guide to Choosing the Right Powder for You, Finding the right powder for your reloads is critical for ensuring accuracy and safety. Luckily, Hodgdon Powder makes it easy to choose the perfect powder for your needs.

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Burning Rate

When choosing a powder, you’ll want to consider the burning rate of the powder – this refers to how quickly the powder burns inside your cartridge. A slow burning rate means more time for the bullet to fully engage in the bore, resulting in better accuracy. Hodgdon offers a variety of powders that are designed with different burning rates, such as:

VARGET: a medium-slow burning rifle powder perfect for precision shooting

IMR 8208 XBR: a slow burning magnum rifle powder that allows you to take full advantage of long barrels

H 4198: an ultra-quick burning pistol/shotgun powder designed for tight grip shots

Performance Level

You’ll also want to consider the performance level (or velocity) of the powder you select. By understanding your firearm’s capabilities and desired results, you can choose a Hodgdon Powder that provides peak performance levels at minimum pressures, such as:

H335 & H4895: ideal for rifles and AR15s with light bullets and short barrels

CFE BLK & CFE 223 : extremely efficient loads perfect for .223 Remington & .308 Winchester caliber cartridges.

H110 & W296 : legendary choices when loading .44 Magnum & .357 Magnum cartridges

No matter what type of firearm or cartridge you’re reloading, Hodgdon has a wide variety of powders available to meet your individual needs.

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