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How to Choose the Right Ammo for Your Weapon

Choosing the Right Ammo

How to Choose the Right Ammo for Your Weapon

Choosing the Right Ammo, When reloading or shopping for the right ammunition for your weapon, there are two essential components to consider: primers and shotshells. CCI is a trusted name in ammunition, offering both Magnum primers and Magnum shotshells that are sure to perform reliably in any environment.

When choosing the right CCI Magnum primer for your weapon, it’s important to understand the differences between Standard and Magnum primers.

Magnum Primers

Magnum Primers are designed for powerful rounds and high-pressure loads used for hunting or self-defense. The higher output of CCI Magnum Primers ensures your ammo will fire with greater dependability and accuracy.

Choosing Ammunition Primers and Magnum Shotshells for Reloading

CCI primers and Magnum shotshells provide the reloader with convenience, accuracy and consistency. Choosing the right ammunition primers and Magnum shotshells for reloading is essential for optimal performance and optimal longevity.

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Magnum shotshells offer superior performance compared to traditional shells, making them the ideal choice for competitive shooters who need maximum power and velocity as they attempt to break clays or hit long-distance targets. Reloaders can choose from either 2¾” or 3” options in 9mm, 12 Gage or 20 Gage shells — all loaded with a combination of shot size and payload that perfectly suits the needs of each shooter.

When it comes time to reload your firearm or shotgun, consider CCI primers or Magnum shotshells for reliable performance round after round.

Shopping at an Online Ammunition Primers And Tactical Shop

Shopping at an online tactical shop can be an exciting experience, and CCI Magnum shotshells and ammunition primers are no exception. Not only do they provide an added degree of safety, but they also offer a level of performance that is second to none.

Here’s what you need to know about CCI Magnum shells and primers:

  • They use a special military grade primer and shell combination, making them the perfect choice for your tactical needs.
  • The unique design of the shells ensures that they spread out shot patterns incredibly well.
  • The primers come in two sizes – small pistol/revolver or large rifle/shotgun – allowing for a broad range of applications where power and accuracy are paramount.
  • Their noncorrosive feature ensures that your weapon stays corrosion-free over time, adding to its longevity.

Lastly, shopping at an online tactical shop has never been easier! With CCI Magnum shotshells and primers available, you can rest assured knowing you have access to top-of-the-line ammunition that will serve your needs.

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